The Leasing Team

At, property management is the primary focus. To emphasize that point, the company has a special division that is strictly dedicated to leasing out vacant properties. In this way, they can maximise the efficiency of their service, ensuring that your properties are leased out quickly. When it comes to property management Brisbane, really has you covered from start to finish. You can learn more about their leasing team below.

A Premium Location for the Leasing Team

In order to make the most of the Brisbane real estate market, the leasing division is located in a high foot traffic area. This means that pedestrians often stop in to inquire about available properties. When you sign up with, then, you get to enjoy the benefits of having your properties listed in a high profile area. The leasing team works diligently to find tenants for your properties as quickly as possible – they don’t get paid, otherwise!

First Class Internet Marketing Sets Leasing Division Apart

These days, you can’t hope to succeed in the property investing field without a very visible online presence. The leasing division at makes the most out of the Internet, giving your properties the most exposure possible. If someone is looking to rent a place in Brisbane, they’re probably going to find it through the website. The leasing team knows exactly how to present their properties in order to increase the odds of getting them rented out quickly.

The Three P’s of the Leasing Team

Any good leasing team needs a firm strategy and philosophy in place, and the leasing division definitely does. Their “three p’s” – presentation, promotion and price – help dictate their approach to finding tenants for their clients’ properties. The basic concept behind each of the three p’s is as follows:

Presentation – A presentable and attractive property is much more likely to attract interest than one that looks shabby or not well maintained. The leasing division at puts a high priority on making your property really shine. First impressions definitely matter, and people should have a great one when it comes to your property.

Promotion – Marketing and sales go hand in hand, which is why the team emphasizes promotion so much. They dedicate themselves to spreading the word about their clients’ properties, increasing the odds of finding tenants by a significant degree.

Price – When a property is overpriced, people pass it by; when it’s under-priced, investors lose money. The leasing team at is adept at pricing their clients’ properties in the most competitive and lucrative way possible. Your property’s price will be spot-on, and it will be rented out much more quickly as a result.