Renting and Domestic Violence

There is nothing in the world worse then domestic violence. It can lower self esteem and confidence and turn a person into a quivering wreck. It can make you feel that you are not worth being loved and sometimes make you feel like you have done something to deserve the beatings you get. The only person who is in the wrong, is the person who is being violent and abusive. They are the ones with the problem. The victim is often a spouse, a dating partner or someone being cared for by this person. The victim has a right to be safe. Generally, a person who commits an act of violence towards another has very low self esteem themselves. They feel they have to dominate over others to make themselves feel better.

When you are renting with such a person, it can often leave you feeling like you have no choice but to stay. But you DO have a choice. There are several steps you can take to free yourself from this person. Having a domestic violence order is the first step to being safe. If you rent a premises with this person, then you can have them legally removed from the lease. As long as you have a domestic order in place, you can ask professional property managers Brisbane to remove this person from the lease. If they refuse to leave once this step has been taken, then the police can remove them from the premises. You can apply at the magistrates court for a DVO against the person who is violent or abusive towards you. It is for your protection. If he/she keeps up with the abuse after the order is in place, they can be arrested and serve time in prison.

If you live in a rental premises, then you can apply to the Tribunal to:

    • Remove the violent person from the lease
    • Get a restraining order or a domestic violence order
    • Be recognized as the tenant
    • End your lease altogether

If you are not in a relationship of some kind with the other person and they are likely to cause damage to the premises you can apply to the Tribunal to have them removed from the lease and be recognized as the tenant. If you let you Brisbane real estate agent know what is going on, then they can help you with the problem. If you let things go on as they are then its likely that you will be kicked out as well as the person causing the problem. So do yourself a favour and deal with the problem before it gets out of hand.