Peace of mind with detailed reports

keeping_you_informedHave you ever had a question but couldn’t find the answer? At, the answers come to you. As part of our service, you will receive regular, in-depth updates and reports about your investment property.

You will never need to worry or wonder about your property, as you will have all the facts and figures delivered to you.

We will protect your asset through detailed tenant screening, entry condition reports, lease documentation, regular inspections, and vigilant arrears management.

Why are we so insistent about keeping you informed? Because we believe that an investment property should bring security and peace of mind, not worry and angst.

With constant reporting, you can relax in the knowledge that your investment property is being maintained to the standard you expect and bringing the returns you deserve.

Constant reporting may seem trivial to some, but at we believe it is a vital form of communication to you, our client.