Your own investment property manager

personal_serviceMany people think that once you own an investment property everything will be smooth sailing. But ask anyone that currently owns or has owned an investment property and you will find the reality is often different. So what distinguishes an investment property that brings real peace of mind from one that’s a real headache? The answer is your property manager.

As a client of, you will have your very own property manager assigned to you. Our dedicated property managers are paid on a unique commission basis, which aligns their interests with yours. They are rewarded for minimising vacancies, maximising rent, collecting payments on time, and finding the highest quality tenants. Your property manager will be your single point of contact for any questions you may have.

If any issue should arise regarding your property, your property manager will deal with it, keeping you informed with constant updates and reports. Should a particular issue require your authorisation, you will be consulted before any action is taken. And don’t forget, your property manager is backed by a fully trained, professional and committed team.

With a property manager looking after your property, your investment is being cared for by an expert.