Unveils Brand New Property Management Brisbane Site

Recent updates and changes to the are sure to thrill existing clients and prospective renters alike. The top property management Brisbane firm has unveiled a brand-new website that offers more useful features and convenient perks than ever. From an online owner log-in service to professionally designed property listings, the site is bursting at its seams with useful information for landlords and tenants alike.

Personalised Services for Property Investors

“At, we’re always looking for ways to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations,” notes one long-time employee. “With the launch of our new website, we’re confident that our clients will be thrilled with the new tools at their disposal.” One of the top perks of the new site is a snazzy online owner log-in service; a few of the key features of the service include:

– The ability to log in, select a property and obtain specific, up-to-the-minute information about it

– The option of contacting your assigned property manager with enquiries that you may have about one of your properties

– Access to your invoice and other records, allowing you to track expenses and other important data with ease

As one existing client notes, “I’ve had manage my investment properties for some time. I couldn’t be happier with the new features on their website. Property investing became a whole lot easier when I signed up with; it’s going to be even simpler now!” His sentiments have already been echoed by many of’s other property owners.

Useful Features Appeal to Prospective Renters

Of course, is about more than simply managing the nuts and bolts of investment properties. The company is dedicated to keeping vacancies to an absolute minimum at all times. “We’re not happy unless all of a client’s properties are filled,” says one employee. “We knew that our website could help a lot in that regard, which is why we’ve added so many useful tools for prospective renters.” Indeed, the new site allows prospective renters to browse through available properties with ease. The simple design and layout of the listings makes is easy enough for anyone to navigate.

Property listings on the new website are arranged so that prospective renters can enquire about properties with the click of a button. A user-friendly “contact us” button leads interested people to a form where they can request additional information from the property manager. “After browsing through a few other websites, I was pretty crestfallen; it didn’t look like it was going to be very easy to find a place to rent. Luckily, I found Within the hour, I had three exciting prospects. I enquired about each one, and had responses in no time flat,” says one happy customer.

New Site Is a Valuable Resource

Navigating the Brisbane real estate market isn’t always easy. Fortunately,’s revamped website is sure to help property investors and prospective renters alike get at the information that they need the most. “We’re confident that our website is the most comprehensive property management site in the greater Brisbane area,” says one employee. “It’s just one more way for us to provide our clients with the absolute best service possible.” The new site is up and running; feel free to pay it a visit and see the exciting new features and changes for yourself!

Here’s Why are Brisbane’s Leading Property Management Business

When it comes to property management Brisbane, there are several great reasons that are chosen by so many people. From their firm focus on rentals to their unbeatable customer service, ( is your solution to all property management requirements.

If you’re interested in successfully investing in real estate Brisbane, hiring should be one of your first steps.

It’s All About Property Management

One of the first things that people notice when they begin looking around for a property management company is that few of them truly focus exclusively on property management. “I decided to hire a property management company when I realised how much easier it would be,” says one customer. “Imagine how discouraged I was upon discovering that many of them hardly focus on property management at all – and how pleased I was to finally find Hiring them was one of the best decisions I’ve made.”

A Unique Property Management Style

“At, we’re confident that anyone who hires us is going to be thrilled with our first class process. For instance, the fact that each client is assigned a specific agent is one detail that tends to please everybody. The conscientious way that we handle repairs and rent collections is also quite appreciated by our customers.” Indeed, every facet of the property management process is handled in a clear, effective way by the professionals at, allowing their clients to breathe easy in the knowledge that their investment properties are being looked after in a competent manner.

Property Vacancies are the Enemy

Vacancies are a property investor’s worst nightmare, but helps minimise them and keeps the tenants flowing on in. “One of the most difficult things that I had to worry about when I first started investing in real estate was finding tenants for my properties. The amount of time I’d spend tracking them down was utterly ridiculous; I simply didn’t have time for it. By hiring, I’ve been able to focus on more important matters – and they’ve been keeping my properties full.” With, vacancies are a thing of the past.

Superior Customer Service

“While property management is our primary focus, customer service is exceedingly important to us, as well,” says one long term employee. “We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service around. When you hire us, you’re hiring a team of consummate professionals who have your best interests at heart. We make lifelong customers at, and our exceptional customer service is definitely a huge part of that.” Without question, have proved themselves to put their customers first, always. When problems or concerns arise, are quick to address and remedy them. Property Management at its Best

Since making money is the number one goal of property investing, it makes sense to arm yourself with the best help and assistance possible. Property management from allows you to put your investment properties in sound, capable and experienced hands. While the professionals at take care of the day-to-day business of your rental properties, you can busy yourself with more important matters. The end result? Exceptional profits and a more stress-free property investing experience. If you’re looking to enhance the potential of your investment properties, you should make hiring one of your top priorities. Leading Property Management Brisbane Business

Savvy, Brisbane-area property investors already know that when it comes to enjoying a streamlined investment experience, having a top-notch property management Brisbane company on your side is key. That’s why so many of them choose to hire on for all of their property management needs. With more than twelve years of experience, has what it takes to help you maximise your profits – and reduce your frustration.

A Strict Emphasis on Property Management

The vast majority of property management companies spread themselves dangerously thin, often making property sales their number one focus. For this reason, such companies simply can’t hope to compare with, whose only focus is property management. “Compared with most other Brisbane-area property management companies, distinguishes themselves by strictly focusing on property management,” notes one long time employee. “Myself and the nearly 30 other members of the team only handle property management, making us true experts.”

A Professional Team That Returns Results

“In the past, I’d always hired property management companies who also handled property sales. What I discovered time and time again was that such organisations simply don’t dedicate enough attention to property management. I often felt as if I were holding their hand and doing more work that I should have been doing. Since hiring, I couldn’t be happier – they have shown me what a real property management company can do,” says one satisfied customer. Countless other customers echo these sentiments, proving that a strict focus on property management definitely pays off.

Unique System Encourages Exceptional Results

One long time manager says, “With other property management companies, employees have no incentive to truly help their customers. At, a unique remuneration system makes prime service in the best interests of every single employee. I can personally attest that every employee at diligently strives to provide the very best service to their clients.” With a personal stake in the results of their work, employees turn out one thrilled customer after another – and help every client realise incredible profits and more streamlined property investing experiences.

Superb Benefits Make A Real Standout

There are many reasons that have become the most popular property managers Brisbane company. Free online property listings, free rentals appraisals and online inspections bookings are just a few of the more obvious ones. Anyone who wants to excel in real estate Brisbane investing needs to bring this top-notch team over to their side. “I can’t believe how many great perks are included with working with,” says one current client. “Their dedication to using the very best technology and customer service policies means that I don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Service Backed Up with a Guarantee

“We’re so confident that our customers will be blown away by our outstanding service that we offer a comprehensive money back guarantee,” says one manager. “By hiring, you have absolutely nothing to lose.” In fact, you’ll more than likely see tremendous returns once you have this top-notch team of professionals working for you. If you’re in the Brisbane area and are ready to streamline your property investing process, make the right choice by giving a call. Once you experience their high level of service, you’ll wonder why you didn’t call them much sooner.

Discover The Advantages Of Dealing With Property Managers Brisbane, Risk Free

Investment properties can be very lucrative, but being successful in the investment property game requires an incredible amount of dedication, commitment and time. Many property management Brisbane firms claim to lift much of that burden off of your shoulders – but many fall far short of their big promises. Pro-Rentals are different because they are strictly dedicated to managing properties for their clients. Property management is no mere side business for Pro-Rentals – it is what they are 100% dedicated to. For time-strapped clients, that dedication is absolutely unbeatable; if you’re interested in discovering the pleasures of doing business with Pro-Rentals, you can do so without risk thanks to a remarkable new offer.

Give Pro-Rentals a Go

Whether you’ve hired a Real Estate Brisbane firm or not, having a touch of reluctance is entirely understandable. After all, investment properties can end up costing you money when they are mismanaged or not handled properly. At the same time, finding the time and means to manage your own properties while attempting to handle your regular, day-to-day obligations can be nearly impossible. If you’ve been thinking about trying a property management firm to help streamline your investment properties and boost their potential, Pro-Rentals ( will happily oblige with three months’ management absolutely free.

Glowing Reviews of Pro-Rentals

Pro-Rentals is more than willing to extend three months’ worth of management at no charge because they are that confident in your ultimate satisfaction. Indeed, their extensive roster of satisfied customers is proof positive of their steadfast commitment to quality and professional service. As one current client recently commented, “‘I have been a customer of Pro-Rentals for over 6 years. During this time pro-Rentals have successfully handled rentals on all of my investment properties. I have recommended their services to other landlords and tenants.” In addition to their superior service, Pro-Rentals have seen business soar on the positive and glowing word of mouth that has been passed along from satisfied landlords all over the region.

The Importance Of Commitment

If you’ve been juggling your everyday obligations along with managing one or more investment properties, then you are all too familiar with how tricky it can be. The whole point of owning investment properties is to generate income from them, and if they aren’t managed correctly they can become more trouble than they are worth. There are a limited number of hours in every day, and in the mad dash to get everything done it’s easy to find yourself in over your head. Pro-Rentals’ dedication and commitment to property management means that you can finally realise the full potential of those investment properties.

Let Pro-Rentals Handle It

When you hire Pro-Rentals, you bring genuine experience and professionalism to the forefront of your property investment business. With their three month free property management trial, you can get a taste for the convenience of having experienced assistance with your properties without risk of losing a dime. Take it from another satisfied Pro-Rentals customer: “Pro-Rentals professional approach has provided me with the opportunity to concentrate on my own business. I am confident that day to day operations of my investment properties and all potential issues are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.” Professionalism, experience, commitment and top-notch service: Those are just a few of the key benefits of dealing with Pro-Rentals.